Current News & Information

 The Town Council passed the FY2017-2018 Budget and approved the Town's revised Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance at its meeting on June 5th, 2017. Both of these documents are available on their respective pages on the Town's website.

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Construction at SHEETZ will begin later this spring and continue over the course of the year. The project engineer has provided the dates below; if we hear news of any changes, we will be sure to pass that along to our residents!

March 20: closure of entrance and gas island along Route 15

March 29: the SHEETZ store will be closed from 7am through approximately 5pm

September 14: opening of new SHEETZ store and closure of old store; closure of gas canopy and entrance along Washington Street

November 24: gas opens for customers.

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The Board of Zoning Appeals seeks an additional member to fill one vacancy for a five year term. Applicants must be Town residents and may not be presently serving on another Board or Commission.

Please click here to fill out an application for submission.