Recycling Guidelines

Think before you throw!

Where & What to Recycle

Recycling helps conserve natural resources, save landfill space, conserve energy and reduce pollution. Be sure to recycle at home or drop materials at one of our recycling collection centers (sites are subject to change).

Recycle at the curb or recycling trailers:


- Cardboard & Paperboard Box (Pizza Box - No Pizza)
- Office Paper (white and colored)
- Newspaper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Catalogs
- Books (Paperback, textbooks, hardbacks and telephone)
- Envelopes (Manila, regular & windowed)
- File Folders
- Computer Paper & Printouts
- Post It Notes
- Card Stock Paper
- Aluminum Cans
- Tin Cans
- Glass Bottles and Jars
- Ferrous and Bimetal food & beverage containers
- Non metallic wrapping paper
- #1 Plastic Bottles (Water and soda)
- #2 Plastic containers (Milk and detergent)
- #3 - 7 Plastic containers (Yogurt and margarine)
- Aerosol Cans

Not Acceptable:

- Wax Coated paper or cardboard
- Food Waste
- Styrofoam
- Printer Cartridges (toner or inkjet)
- Cell phones
- Batteries of any kind
- Computers & Household Electronics
- Bathroom Waste
- Light Bulbs of any kind
- Coat hangers, Wire
- Mirrors, window or auto glass, porcelain, ceramic, glass cookware/bakeware, drinking glasses
- Plastic bags or films
- Wood or Yard Debris
- Hazardous or toxic substances

Recycling Drop-off Collection Centers

(Look for our trailers.  Please use bins on both sides of the trailer.  Place the specific materials marked on the bin door.)

Woodbridge Area:

  • Potomac Library
  • NEW SITE:  Cokesbury Church at 14806 Blackburn Road (near intersection with Reddy Road) in Woodbridge ~ please note that the church sponsors a separate container for aluminum cans used as a fundraising activity

Dale City Area:

  • Birchdale Rec Center
  • Hillendale Commuter Lot
  • Hylton Boys & Girls Club on Dale Boulevard
  • Minnieville Commuter Lot

Manassas Area:

  • Ben Lomond/Splash Down Park
  • Balls Ford Road Compost Facility

Dumfries Area:

  • Ferlazzo Government Center at Route 1 and Cardinal Drive 
  • Town of Quantico on Virginia Street

Lake Ridge Area:

  • Commuter lot at Route 123 and Old Bridge Road (Old Hechinger's site)

Mid-County Area:

  • County Sanitary Landfill
  • Relocated!  McCoart County Government Complex (trailer is now located in the new parking lot to the right of the McCoart building)
  • Exxon at the Glen on the Parkway

Western Area:

  • Linton Hall School
  • James Long Park on Rt 15
  • Nokesville Park on Aden Road
  • Town of Haymarket on Jefferson Street

Please help keep the areas tidy! Take home bags and boxes. Do not leave trash at the site. For details or directions, call 703-792-4670.

We accept all materials listed above plus the materials listed below at the

landfill and Balls Ford Road

  • Corrugated (wafer board) cardboard - flatten (No waxed cardboard, no cookie, cereal or paperboard food boxes)
  • Motor oil or antifreeze - store separately in clean container (No other fluids or solvents)
  • Grass, leaves, brush, branches and prunings (No food wastes)
  • Car batteries (No alkaline batteries) *  Note:  accepted at the landfill only.
  • Scrap metal - remove CFCs and capacitors (No car parts or car bodies)
  • Mixed paper - keep dry and remove paper clips