Haymarket Road Closures & Traffic Impacts

Jefferson Street Pedestrian Improvement Project - Week of September 11th - September 15th

The Jefferson Street Pedestrian Improvement Project will extend the shared use path and curb and gutter constructed on the southbound side of the Old Carolina Bridge from where it ends at Cheyenne Way south to the Town Hall property.  At this time, only utility relocations are taking place. When lane closures are expected, they can be anywhere within the project and shift locations daily within the project.  In addition, these are dates that the Contractor has permission to close lanes, it does not necessarily mean there will be lane closures on all days.  All lane closures are subject to change and weather permitting:
No work scheduled this week.

. . . . .

Construction at SHEETZ will begin later this spring and continue over the course of the year. The project engineer has provided the dates below; if we hear news of any changes, we will be sure to pass that along to our residents!

March 20: closure of entrance and gas island takes place along Route 15.

March 29: the SHEETZ store is closed from 7am through approximately 5pm.

September 18: opening of new SHEETZ store and closure of old store take place, as well as closure of the gas canopy and entrance along Washington Street.

November 24: gas opens for customers.