Special Notices: 
Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission
of the Town of Haymarket will hold a Public Hearing
on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. in the
Haymarket Town Hall located at 15000 Washington Street, Suite 100, Haymarket, Virginia, on changes to the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance. The two chapters will be combined into one unified code, encompassing both zoning and subdivision regulations, with proposed changes to allowable uses, districts, administration, and development standards.

The Town's draft Zoning Ordinance is available for public review 
HERE and at the Town Hall. Also available are the Haymarket planned use matrix and the proposed zoning map.

With questions or comments, please contact the Town Manager, Kimberly Murray, at kmurray@townofhaymarket.org.

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Haymarket - "Everyone's Home Town"

Welcome!  And thank you for visiting the Virginia Town of Haymarket's website. Haymarket is historically known as a "crossroads" due to its location at the intersection of the Old Carolina Road and North Branch of Dumfries Road, which have long been utilized as trade routes. This trend continued with the construction of Routes 55 and 15, and later, Interstate 66.  While today the Town features less trading of goods and services, the term "crossroads" still applies.  Haymarket strives to define itself by the bringing together two historic trajectories - remaining a small, walkable Town proud of its heritage and charm, while still assuring that its future is full of possibilities and modern-day comforts.

The Town has grown rapidly over the past several years, but continues to offer both the comfort of a small Town, and the amenities of a larger municipality. Haymarket's Town Council, appointees, and staff are committed to encouraging smart development that allows for the collaboration of progress and the preservation of heritage in order to create a community that is focused on meeting the needs of citizens, businesses, and visitors.

In Haymarket, we offer a full-service local Government with a wide range of benefits.  Most of these services start right here with this website. We continue to look at new and exciting opportunities that engage and promote interaction with residents in Haymarket and from surrounding communities. We hope you find this website to be a useful tool to explore our wonderful community located

David M. Leake, Mayor
Joe Pasanello, Vice Mayor
Steve Aitken, Finance Committee Chair
Chris Morris, Town Council Member
Connor Leake, Town Council Member
Susan Edwards, Town Council Member
John Cole, Town Council Member

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To receive text alerts from the Town with notice of events, weather and related closures, and special Town news, use your cell phone to text "go Haymarket" to the number 88202.

Haymarket Museum

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