Haymarket Day

Our Town’s biggest event of the year! Attended by over 25,000 spectators and 260 vendors.  Enjoy a home town street festival including: parade featuring local schools, performers, and law enforcement, led by the year’s Town Marshal, as well as dozens of vendors, entertainers, and culinary options.

Voted the Readers’ Best Annual Event by Haymarket Living for three years and counting!

Haymarket Day Vendor Application - 2017

Haymarket Day Parade Application - 2017

Please note that as of July 12th, we are no longer accepting applications from the following vendors:
Lularoe Consultants
Food Vendors, though these do not include novelty food vendors
(such as snow cones, funnels cakes, kettle corn, etc.)

. . . . .

Haymarket Day 2017 will take place on Saturday, September 16.

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List of Vendors

The Town of Haymarket appreciates the continued support of the community to make Haymarket Day one of the largest outdoor festivals in this region.

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